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The Kurds signed up to the new government in Baghdad this week under great US pressure, confessed Mawlud Bawamurad, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) minister for parliamentary affairs. He said the US had made its stepped-up military support in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) conditional on there being a government in Baghdad. In an interview with Rudaw, Bawamurad said that, although the agreement signed in Baghdad is not perfect for the Kurds, it is enough for now: “What is important is that our participation in it is conditional and the witness to our conditions is America.” An edited transcript of his interview follows:




Bakhtiar Amin is the former human rights minister of Iraq and chairman of the board of directors of the Foundation for Future, a multinational non-profit organization promoting human rights, democratic governance, and reform in the greater Middle East and North Africa region. He spoke to Turkish Review about the current rapprochement between Turkey and the KRG.




We told them frankly that the language of threats is unacceptable and it’s not in the interest of any party. It’s not in the interest of Baghdad to make threats and it’s not in the interest of Erbil to do so, either."