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The deputy prime minister of Syria went on a Pan-Arab satellite network and said, :

“The Americans have lost the battle before it even started” and that the American administration as made a “joke” of itself. -


10 things you need to know about Kerry’s remarks

Washington Post – 31.8.2013 - By Jennifer Rubin

Secretary of State John Kerry just delivered a compelling case for military action against Syria. Here is what you need to know:

1. The president didn’t give it. This is both weird and shameful. Isn’t he commander in chief?

Perhaps he is feeling humiliated (after the British rebuffed him) or can’t stand the obvious similarity to his predecessor’s actions, which he previously deplored, or just doesn’t believe in what he is doing. Does he now understand he has no credibility with the American people?

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TODAY’S MESOP EDITORIAL : Having two enemies requires a two-enemy solution


By Douglas Cohn - The Daily Advance  - 1 Sept 2013 - WASHINGTON — Following the First Gulf War in 1991, the U.S. imposed a no-fly zone over Kurdistan in northern Iraq, effectively establishing an autonomous region for the Kurds who had been subjected to the worst abuses of Saddam Hussein, including his use of chemical weapons that killed thousands. Syria poses other problems, specifically the fact that the U.S. has two enemies there: the brutal Assad regime and al Qaeda rebels. Still, the Kurdistan solution provides a roadmap for a Syrian solution. - Read more



KNC-Meeting in London 15 Sept

Meeting KNC in London on 15 September reports Yekiti media.


Continued Clashes Near Ras al-Ain


Wladimir @vvanwilgenburg - Jihadi group still trying to capture Ras al-Ain from Tal Halaf …

9:35 PM - 31 Aug 2013



Decisions concerning Syrian Kurdistan must not be made in Erbil or in Kandil, but in Kamishli.

The parties must not turn Kamishli in the battlefield of their war. They want to fight? They can do it in Erbil or in Kandil.”



KDP + PYD failed meddling in Syrian Kurd politics

By Eric Bruneau: 30 Aug 2013 – Kurdistan Tribune - The Syrian crisis has seen two opposite forces competing for the country’s Kurdish-populated provinces. The Syrian branch of the PKK, the PYD, established itself as the only power there, using its armed wing to quell dissent; and the Kurdish National Congress, a coalition of the other Syrian Kurd political parties, created in Erbil, in Iraq’s Kurdistan autonomous region capital,  under the patronage of Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

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"Democratic Autonomy under the roof of democratic Confederalism."


PKK : Rojava revolution must be expanded to other parts of Kurdistan

ANF - BEHDINAN 31.08.2013  - Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Executive Committee has released a statement to mark the World Peace Day September 1.

PKK Executive Committee said they welcomed the World Peace Day with wishes for a democratic solution to all social problems, freedom, peace and brotherhood in the world, Middle East, Turkey and Kurdistan. - Reminding that the Kurdish side has taken numerous unilateral steps for peace so far, PKK underlined that nevertheless Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan initiated a new phase on 21 March 2013 in search of a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. PKK said that the Kurdish people and movement have strongly supported this historic step and the new process led by their leader, regardless of the fact that it had risks. - Read more  


Syria Kurdish parties agree on autonomy

1.9.2013 – Kurdpress - The Syrian Kurdish parties made consensus on establishing an autonomous region in the northern Kurdish areas of the country, Firta news said. - Read more


Turkey backs Jabhat al-Nusra against Syria Kurds: Demirtas

31.8.2013 – Kurdpress - Ankara government follows a dual policy against Syrian Kurds as it is still backing the Islamist extremist group of Jabhat al-Nusra after two separate visits of the leader of Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to Ankara, Turkey Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) leader Selahattin Demirtas said. – Read more:


The Kurds Can Lead a Reborn Syria, At Peace With ALL of Her Neighbors

By Robert B. Sklaroff & Sherkoh Abbas

30.8.2013 - As this is being composed, American ships are rushing to the Levant, presumably preparing to launch a bombing-campaign in reaction to the mass-gassing that Assad again directed at his citizenry. Although pundits could analyze the reasons for—and consequences of—the delay of this effort, it is only necessary to “get into the weeds” far enough to identify how a “coalition of the willing” can quickly be assembled to stop the slaughter…and to build a stab




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