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I, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Portugal, would like to hereby express my sincerest thanks to the Government of the Portuguese Republic for its positive position adopted during the last meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, during which the support to our people in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan was given, as well as the support to ethnical and religious minorities (Yazidis, Christians and others).




COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Apparent Islamic State (IS/ISIS) sympathizers assaulted a group of Yezidis in the German city of Herford this week, police said, a repercussion of the war in Iraq a continent away.

The assault led to a larger clash, forcing police to send in reinforcements and use pepper spray to calm the situation.

Police said the assault on the German Yezidis was perpetrated by six men from Chechnya, who are apparent IS supporters.




Assyrian International News Agency

100 French MPs Demonstrate in Support of Assyrians in Mosul

2014-07-23 17:02 GMT

French Parliament members demonstrate in Paris in support of Assyrians in Mosul, who have been targeted by ISIS.Paris (AINA) -- One hundred members of the French Parliament demonstrated in front of the parliament building today in support of the Assyrians of Mosul, who have been targeted by ISIS. The demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the Assyrian of Mosul by carrying signs with the Arabic letter "n", which is the first letter of the word "Nasrani" (Christian) in Arabic. ISIS has marked all Christian homes in Mosul with this letter (AINA 2014-07-19).