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I, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Portugal, would like to hereby express my sincerest thanks to the Government of the Portuguese Republic for its positive position adopted during the last meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, during which the support to our people in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan was given, as well as the support to ethnical and religious minorities (Yazidis, Christians and others).


I would also like to emphasize the efforts developed on the ground, namely in what concerns the support provided to the homeless and those who were under siege in the mountains.

I would like again to reiterate my sincerest thanks to the European Union as regards its military support to the Peshmergas of Kurdistan and the Iraqi Armed Forces. The support provided will, without a doubt, help to eradicate terrorism of the ISIS group and other fanatic Islamic groups, and will enable the conditions for the return of the homeless to their homes and villages. Only then will it be possible to build a stable, pacific and democratic Iraq, where everyone will live in peace and harmony and accepting each other

Finally, I would like to thank the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the undergoing coordination efforts which have been carried out with this diplomatic mission. 





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