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When it comes to Villa 1114 in Buenos Aires - the local advice to tourists is simply "don't go".

"Villas" are the city's slums - ghettoized neighbourhoods ridden with crime, poverty and drug abuse.

And Villa 1114 is one of the most notorious. Its 50,000 residents have little hope of escaping to a better life.

The Catholic church plays a big role by offering some light in an otherwise bleak world. The only safe way in is to be escorted by a priest.

As we enter, children and dogs rifle through rubbish strewn across pavements. Unemployment is high here - few stand a chance of getting work.

If potential employers know your address, residents say there's no chance - living in a Villa is a stigma. For many, drugs are the only way out of a depressing existence.

When Father Gustav Carrara wanted to set up the Hogar de Cristo drug rehabilitation centre he turned to a friend for help.


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