1.      Title: From Totalitarianism to Democracy: International experiences - National dialogue, reconciliation and accountability in Iraq: creating a space for public consultation.


2.      Proposed by (name of the NGO): Tolerancy International (TI) 


3.      Description of the NGO: Tolerancy International is a registered NGO with the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government - Iraq) Ministry of Interior, registration number 13593, registration issued on  23 October 2007.Tolerancy International strives for tolerance, mutual acceptance, reformation, secularism and the establishment of liberal values such as, national reconciliation and compromise, amnesty, human rights, minority and women rights, freedom of press, transparency and the rule of law, free development of personality within the context of rights and liberties, so that these ideals become a way of life to ensure the evolution of liberalization and stable secular democracies worldwide.



4.      Name/title of the person responsible: Mr. Hussain Sinjari, President

5.      Country, location: Iraq/ Erbil.

6.      Amount requested (US$):797,700                                  

7.      Amount recommended (US$) : 200,000.

8.      Local support/contribution (if applicable) (US$): 597,700

9.      Proposed duration:   4 months. 

10.  Project demand/ Project rationale: For any accountability mechanism and functioning democracy to work, it needs to be anchored within the population, which needs to understand it, to engage with it, to support it and to accept its outcomes.  The best way for this to be achieved is for the population to be engaged in the mechanism's design and implementation.  It is therefore important that there be broad consultation within Iraq on accountability, with a particular focus on how Iraq wants to create the space within which reconciliation can be achieved. This project will engage all parts of Iraqi society in deciding their common approach to a problem that has many disparate threads.  An important first step towards reconciliation is airing existing perspectives on the past and recognizing that others have legitimate complaints and legitimate concerns. Based on this approach it will be possible to create, within the context of a conference, a space for dialogue about how Iraqis want to achieve accountability, and to develop a blueprint for how this may be done. The conference will be structured in a series of parallel and plenary sessions.

11.  Target group: 260 Iraqi politicians, civil society actors, and opinion makers, in addition to 60 international experts and political leaders. The international participants will be selected among: Academics, MPs, politicians, high level international actors and dignitaries, mediators, researchers/field workers, organizations active in the field of conflict resolution, senior representatives of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions from different continents, including experiences from the North African and Middle Eastern region. 

12.  Project Objectives:

Overall: To create conditions that is conducive to reconciliation in Iraq by opening a space within which Iraq's accountability is addressed by all parts of Iraqi society.


13.  Implementation Plan: 


  1. A conference gathering 260 Iraqis gathered from across the political spectrum, civil society actors and opinion makers, in addition to 60 international experts and political leaders in Erbil to facilitate the creation of a space within Iraqi society for consultation, as key step towards reconciliation


1.      A set of recommendations and conclusions, reached and adopted by the broad range of Iraqi society participating, which will give momentum to move forward from the burdens of the past to a consolidated democracy. The recommendations will be sent to; Parliament, Government, Presidential Council, President, Vice President, political groups, regional Government, regional Parliament, Prime Minister, to mass media (for publication), civil society and academia.    

14.  Qualifications of organization/key staff: staff has direct experience on issues related to the implementation of the proposed program.

15.  Sustainability:  project results will be sustained in the recommendations and outcomes that will be reached from the conference. These will set the foundations for recommendable versions of accountability and reconciliation suiting the Iraqi context. Faction of these recommendations will be ready to embrace in future Iraqi efforts to materialize accountability and reconciliation in Iraq.

 16.  Synergy with other development efforts (if applicable): N.A


 17.  Fit with FFF Goals & Priorities: Accountability and National Reconciliation are prerequisites for Durable Peace and Democratic Governance; both are distinguished as FfF priorities.

 18.  Cost-Effectiveness: costs appear to be justified and within range of acceptable market rates in Iraq.


 19.  Recommendations: The proposal is recommended for approval by the Board. FfF contribution is less than %30 of project cost, totaling US$ 200,000 as we are confident that the applicant is capable to secure the remaining funding from other sources.


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