Project Title: Teaching Tolerance

Grant location: Kurdistan Region, Erbil.                                        

Start date: April 1st, 2008                                                                      

End date:  Nov 30th, 2008


 Tolerancy International                                                                       

Grantee contact name and title:

Adnan Mayah, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     



Summary of the project implementation: 

The project idea is to publish 10,000 booklets consist of kids' stories. The booklet title is Teaching Tolerance. The booklet was result of efforts dedicated by writers, artists and educators who have experience in children education in Kurdistan Region.

We learned that children are the better target group to start with in dissemination the culture of tolerance. The problems that have been encountered were difficulties of coordination with the governmental stores to distribute the booklets.

The project's Impact:

We found that most of parents, teachers and kids who get a copy of this booklet asking for more copies, and giving good comments about the topics and the approach which was used to treat this critical issue –Tolerance-.


Number of direct beneficiaries for this project:

Males:   430,318   Females: 286,879

The beneficiaries are the student of primary schools in the three provinces of Kurdistan region – Erbil, Sulaimanya, and Dohuk- as well as the suburbs which are related to them.

The indirect beneficiaries were the teachers who are involved in teaching this concepts at the primary schools, as well as around 120 supervisors who attained the seminar of “how to use this booklet to teach tolerance” which was very important factor to adopt the ideas of tolerance before teaching them.


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