The representative of Tolerancy International, Halwest Faek Seddiq, has attend the "Open Space Meeting" in Erbil on Monday 15th, April 2013, about "Relations Between NGOs and the Community."

The meeting was by invitation from NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq NCCI which organized the meeting to be a free and open space for discussing the various issues of importance to all participants and those related to "Relations between NGOs and the Community." During the previous OSM in Erbil, one of the recommendations was to encourage each International NGO to invite a partner local NGO to participate in NCCI Open Space Meetings. The same was recommended for local NGOs. Based on these recommendations, we encourage our members and participants to extend the invitation to one of their partners. 

Invitations were directed to the Members of NCCI as well as International NGOs, National NGOs, UN agencies, international organizations and local authorities.

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