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TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded by Hussain Sinjari in January 2007 , who is an independent liberal, a former Kurdish Minister, and currently the ambassador of Iraq in Portugal.

TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL , based in Erbil, the capital of the Region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL , is a foundation that strives for tolerance, the acceptance of each other, reformation, secularism and the establishment of liberal values such as, national reconciliation and compromise, amnesty, human rights, minority and women rights, freedom of press, transparency and the rule of law, free development of personality within the context of rights and liberties , so that these ideals become a way of life to ensure the evolution of liberalization and stable secular democracies worldwide.


TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL strives for helping the civil society to emerge to develop on a secular democratic basis worldwide.

A group of enlightened women and men, politicians, businesspeople, lawyers, physicians, artists, teachers, scholars and writers agreed to support him to establish this organization.

TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL aims to achieve the following goals worldwide:

· Encourage and support dialogue among clergy men and women and followers of all faiths to find a common ground for understanding and acceptance of each other.

· To support campaigns to ensure freedom of expression and faith worldwide.

· Inspire politicians, leaders and other decision-makers to place the concept of Tolerancy at the core of all plans, strategies and policies.

· Encourage educators to adopt interdisciplinary curricula and to promote Tolerancy thinking at schools, universities and other educational institutions in all academic disciplines.

· Assist government officials, diplomats and others in influencing government policy for the furtherance of international cooperation in Tolerancy strategies.

· Stimulate creating and implementing Tolerancy legislation on a global level.

· Raise awareness of women and men, individuals from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, organizations, trade unions, NGOs, clergy men and women from all faiths to promote Tolerancy ideals and values among all peoples and countries.

· Encourage to regulate Tolerancy issues worldwide



- To promote cooperation among men and women, institutions, countries, communities from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to disseminate Tolerancy culture.

- To build healthy democracies so that stability, peace and rights become a reality of our region.

- Tolerancy International is also engaged in charity non-profit activities, especially in the field of education and knowledge.

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