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Ambassador Hussain Sinjar

The founder and Chairman of tolerancy International (TI)

Ambassador of Iraq to Bucharest



Founder:  Ambassador Hussain Sinjari


Project Director: Dr. Ahmed Sinjari

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Advisory Board Members:

  1. Dr. Sandra Philps
  2. Anna Mahjar-Barducci
  3. Dr. Louis Raphael Sako
  4. Kamaran Karadaghi
  5. Catarina martins de Bettencourt
  6. Prof. Fadi Daou
  7.  Xawla Raof
  8. Dr Dakhil Sai'd Khuder
  9. Dr. Micael Gulbenkian
  10. Safia Suhail
  11. Dr. Abdullah Aliawy
  12. Dr. Falih Abduljabar
  13. Mahdi Rahim
  14. Bakhtiar Amin


TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL is a non-governmental organization (NGO), founded by Hussain Sinjari in January 2007 , who is an independent liberal, a former Kurdish Minister, and currently the ambassador of Iraq in Portugal.

TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL , based in Erbil, the capital of the Region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

TOLERANCY INTERNATIONAL , is a foundation that strives for tolerance, the acceptance of each other, reformation, secularism and the establishment of liberal values such as, national reconciliation and compromise, amnesty, human rights, minority and women rights, freedom of press, transparency and the rule of law, free development of personality within the context of rights and liberties , so that these ideals become a way of life to ensure the evolution of liberalization and stable secular democracies worldwide.