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Iraq News with Hawija, Mosul and Iraqi Kurdistan Updates | Mail Online - Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports.
      Laurie Mylroie WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, speaks highly of the Kurds in...
article thumbnailBy Arian Mufid: The night of 2nd-3rd August was one we should have anticipated: when the Kurdish nation suffered at the hands of people who have the same roots as the perpetrators of the Anfal of...
article thumbnail We learn with disbelief that the first World Humanitarian Summit will be hosted by President Erdogan in Istanbul.*) Of all locations where such an international event could be held, Turkey, at the...
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Iraq’s Elections Are Over. Now What?
Friday, 22 October 2021
article thumbnail      Iraq’s Elections Are Over. Now What? Oct 21, 2021 Rend Al-Rahim REND AL-RAHIM Former Ambassador of Iraq to the United States   Iraq’s fifth parliamentary election since the 2003 US invasion is...
article thumbnailBiden faces test as Turkey prepares new attack on Syrian Kurds by Michael Rubin    | October 20, 2021 08:00 AM     In January 2018, Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch. It was designed to capture and ...
شعب الله المختار
Thursday, 21 October 2021
article thumbnail              شعب الله المختار الأربعاء - 14 شهر ربيع الأول 1443 هـ - 20 أكتوبر 2021 مـ رقم العدد [15667]   توفيق السيف كاتب ومفكر سعودي          A A   خلال السنوات الأخيرة من القرن التاسع عشر وبداية القرن العشرين، وبالتحديد بين عامي 1882 و1924 انشغلت...
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By Hannah Lynch and Chris Johannes  On August 2, 2014 thousands of Yezidis from the village of Kocho in northern Iraq were rounded up and summarily killed by ISIS. Many women and girls were sold...